Animal Care Services

Dog Walking/DOGGY DAY CARE/Livestock & Pet Holiday Relief/Pet Care In Your Own Home/ Animal Socialising/Pet Taxi/Most Animals & Livestock Catered For


What  can I offer:

  • Dog walking from £10 per hour, tailored to your individual dogs needs.
  • Dog / Cat / Small animal / Poultry 20 minute home visits including food, water and let out / cleaning up service. Prices from £5 during office hours (M-F 8-6), £10 outside office hours (excludes walk)
  • Holiday care packages tailored to suit you and your animals needs. Please call for details.
  • Puppy socialising in or out of your home. 1 hour service from £10 per hour, and an additional £3 per pup.
  • Fish feeding & tank cleaning service. Cold water & tropical. Prices available on request
  • Small animal boarding service, from £5 per day, multiple animal prices on request
  • Pet Taxi Service for safe and secure journeys to vets, kennels / catteries/grooming parlours , airports and nursing homes. IAM member since 2005 for peace of mind.
  •  Wealth of experience with a passion for animal welfare
  •  Peace of mind
  •  No cancellation fee, for walking if given within 12 hours and holiday care within 48 hours
  • Free annual vaccination, routine worming & flea treatment reminders can be sent by text
  • Care before profit
  •  Value for money

 We all know dogs (in particular) are social animals, there are some who are much happier on their own. I am  also aware that some owners feel more comfortable knowing their pets are getting the full One-to-One attention of the carer and for this reason I am happy to offer individual dog walking, POA

All introductory walks are always One-to-One to allow time for me to get to know your animal and for them to get to know me. 

Weekend and Bank Holiday walking is also available as well as full doggy day care at a competitive rates.

In order that my customers can always feel at ease, it is my policy to take a maximum of 4 -5 dogs together in a group, thus ensuring  full attention, and only when I feel the dogs are ready to group walk
They can be exercised on or off the lead as circumstances dictate but I will only allow dogs to be off a lead when I feel totally confident that it is safe to do so and when we have been given written consent by you their owners. 

  •  Walks are enjoyed at various interesting and safe locations
  •  Your dog will be fed and watered as required, towel dried if wet and given treats (if permitted) Please ensure you advise of any allergies
  •  All waste will be picked up and disposed of responsibly
  •  Your house will be left as instructed and all keys will be safely locked away
  •  I hold public liability insurance
  • I hold business insurance for our vehicles

Please note: I require all dogs to be vaccinated, in line with April 2016 legislation all dogs must also be microchipped & I will ask for proof of this at 1st consultation and will enable my reminder service to be activated. I regret that I am  unable to take dogs which are particularly aggressive either to humans or other dogs. Bitches on heat can be catered for on request.  

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