TAS Hatch It

The fabulous & memorable 10 day EXPERIENCE in your classroom, place of work or care home

Week One

Monday - I deliver and set up all the sterile, PAT tested equipment and fertile eggs to you.

Tuesday/Wednesday - You should hear chirping and the eggs should start to wobble as the chicks or ducks begin to hatch.

Thursday/Friday - The chicks should have hatched and now be moved into the brooder box by a responsible adult.

Week Two

Everyone can watch the chicks and ducklings in the brooder box as they eat and sleep. They may also gently handle the chicks and ducklings under careful supervision. Hands must always be washed thoroughly afterwards. 

Friday - All equipment and chicks are collected by and rehomed on my free range farm. If you would like to keep the chicks and raise them, please let me know and we will be happy to offer advice. I can also offer the full 21/28 day hatching experience if required POA.

I can  also offer school trips to our farm to see all of our Poultry, Waterfowl & other livestock POA (public liability insurance is in place)

  • 360° view incubator
  • 360° view brooder box
  • Chick feed
  • Water feeder
  • Bedding
  • Risk assessment notes
  • Teaching manual
  • Activity sheets
  • Help and advice 7 days a week

The first cycle you book costs £250 and any subsequent cycle in the same calendar year costs £220. Please note I do require at least one month's notice.

Additional kits can be ordered at the time of booking for a fee of £200.